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Ever wondered how to judge a good nail salon? In our fast-paced world, finding the appropriate nail salon can prove to be a quite difficult task, especially with the flourishing of salons in great numbers. Among the many characteristics that make a perfect salon, cleanliness and creativity are the bedrocks. At V.O Nails & Spa, we believe in the same. Established in 2009, we have many years of experience in providing amazing nail services to all our customers. Located at 12046 Indian Rocks Road, Unit 101 Largo FL33774, now the residents of Largo have the right choice for all their nail care needs! Clean, tidy and aesthetically modelled, our salon is designed to create the ideal salon environment where you can enjoy a few hours of calm and relaxation. For a better salon experience, we also have an in-built odor removal system. Our main services include Shellac Gel, Dipping Nails, Pink and White Nails. We have a collection of more than 5000+ gel nail colors! Now, doesn’t it sound like heaven itself?! The team of staff at our salon is caring and friendly, making you feel at home while getting your services done. V.O Nails & Spa is your best choice if you believe in affordable services that maintains high quality. Our salon is owned by Ms Sunny who is attentive to all the customers. Friendly spa environment and staff, along with greatest trends in nail services make our salon a special place for your entire nail and skin needs! We also follow a strict hygiene policy so that you can also be risk-free while you get your favourite services. Make an appointment with us now! You can make appointments through phone or mail. Now, enjoy a 2-week free warranty for all our services!

Why We Are Special

Shellac Nails are the new talk of the town! Many salons are introducing the Shellac nails in their services and for good reasons. Shellac is a kind of nail polish that contains gel and adds durability to your manicure. A manicure done out of Shellac can last up to two weeks and sometimes up to a month! At V.O Nails & Spa, we offer certified Shellac manicure. Not only it adds beauty to your nails, it saves you money from having to get a new manicure every week!

V.O Nails & Spa is a heaven for anyone addicted to nail polishes! With over hundreds of OPI nail colors to choose from, you are sure to be delighted to see an amazing collection of gel and regular nail polish sin our collection. Each of our nail colors are carefully selected by experienced nail professionals, thereby giving you the best of best options to choose from. Make your appointment to get the perfect nails of your dreams!

At V.O Nails & Spa, you have a wide variety of manicures to choose from. Be it a regular French manicure or chrome nails, we have all in stock for you. Our technicians will give you all the information regarding all services so that you can make an appropriate choice on what nails you prefer. With so much choice in front of you, getting manicures is going to more fun from now onwards!

With over nine years of experience in nail care industry, our Pink & White nail technicians will ensure a sharp and artistic looking French Manicure style for you. Done with high quality Pink & White products ever designed, you are guaranteed the best French Manicure! Long lasting and durable, our Pink & White nails is all you need to make a statement. This season, go classy with our beautiful Pink & White nails service!

Our Menu

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Complete Nail Care
Full Set Tip$25+up
•Fill in$15+up
•Add Gel/Shellac$10+up
Full Set Overlay$25+up
Full Set Sculptured$35+up
Full Set White Tip$25+up
Full Set Pink & White$35+up
•Fill Pink & White$28+up
•Fill Pink$15+up
Full Set Glitter/Seashell Color Powder$40+up
•Fill in$25+up
•Change Color add$10+up
Full Set Gel Powder$30+up
•Fill in$20+up
•Add Gel Color$10+up
Full Set Gel Liquid$50+up
•Fill in$40+up
Full Set Ombre Powder$55+up
•Fill in$25+up
•Fill Ombre$50+up
Dipping Powder$35+up
•Take off$5
Shellac/Gel Manicure$25+up
Shellac/Gel Polish$15+up
•Take off$5

Deluxe Manicure

(Includes: Exfoliate, Revitalize, Renew, protect)

Manicure Organic

(Same procedure as Deluxe Manicure but used organic products)
Other Services
Collagen (Hands/Toe) $5/$7
Nail Design $3+up
Nail Repair $3+up
Nail Extension Removal $10
French / American Manicure $5
Paraffin Wax (Hands)  $5
Paraffin Wax (Feet) $10
Polish change (Hands) $7Gel/Shellac$15
Polish change (Toes) $9Gel/Shellac$20


(Nail trimming, shaping, cuticles detail- pushing and cutting, sole conditioning, massage and polish)



Same procedure as Spa pedicure, but you will receive additional services like a callus eliminator and an exfoliating scrub, experience a relaxing massage with oil, and complete with hot towel.

Deluxe Treatments



This wonderfully aromatic treatment starts with a warm foot soak in pedi- salts. Next the feet are scrubbed with sand sloughing lotion leaving the skin smooth and soft. A cool masque is applied, then a moisturizing peppermint lotion is massaged in the skin to the complete this stimulating experience.


Slices of the three citrus fruits and drops of lemon- scented essential oil will make a very tantalizing sook. Following is sugar lemon scrub, foot masque that moisturize and give you heavenly scent.


Uses hot basalt stones. The warmth of the energy conductors is therapeutic and the definitely takes the treatment to a deeper level of relaxation.
CHOCOLATES PEDICURE $40A luxurious treat for your feet. Splash around in the chocolate mineral foot both. This is then followed by the chocolate scrub, foot masque ond massage with chocolate oil or butter cream.
Raw earth, an earth-derived system rich in vitamin, minerals and antioxidants will cleanse, buff and hydrate your feet into your real softies. This therapy will relieve your skin feeling and looking radiant.
Pure Organics
Feet are soaked in purifying elements of the Arnica Flower which benefits skin and muscles, naturally relieve stress and relax in warm silky bath of ocean Spa Crystals. Calluses are softened and buffed away in preparation of exfoliation, using a foot scrub made with Organic sugar crystals. Hydrating foot mask with Bentonite Clay for your skin to detoxify impurities and rejuvenate skin back to its natural luster, followed by organic massage lotion hydrates and moisturizes leaving skin silky and smooth throughout the day.
• Hawaiian Orchid Blossom
• Green Tea w Acai Berry
• Citrus Orange
• Lavender Blossom
• Cucumber Melona
• *Extra massage:
   (5 minutes)     $5
   (15 minutes) $15
   (30 minutes) $25
Get ready to experience the best pedicure you have ever experienced! The Volcano Spa Pedicure is a luxurious 5 step pedicure kit, formulated to provide you a premium pedicure experience. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators in the pedicure combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion!. Available in four alluring scents:
• Romance  • Orange No.5
• Honey Pearl • Tropical Citrus  
Our pedicure will make your feet feel like a queen!
Upper lip$5
Chin $5 + up
Full face$30
Half Arms$20 + up
Full Arms $30 + up
Half Legs $30 + up
Full Legs$45 + up
Full legs with bikini$75 + up
Bikini$25 + up
Back $40 + up
Brazilian$50 + up


(Under 10 years old)

 Mani & Pedi

(includes design on hand and toes)


(includes design)


(includes design)
 Hand polish$5
 Toes polish$6
Eyelash Extensions
Full Set Classic$150Fill $50+up
Full Set Volume$180Fill $80+up
Full Set Group$40Fill $25 up
Lash Strips$25 
Add on hour:  5 minutes$5 
                       30 minutes$30 
Bottom Lash$40 
Tint Brow or Lash$20 

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Reviews on V.O Nails & Spa

Reviewed on Yelp

The best place to get your nails done! I go here about each month for a sweet pedicure with pink and white as the color (French). DeeDee is the best!

Been coming here for years. Rosie and Hanna are the best techs. A smile and greeting your nail tech goes a long way! These ladies work 6 days a week and do grueling work dealing with feet of all kinds. The quality of work is fantastic and even better if I warmly smile at my tech and greet the owners. I always ask for the ladies mentioned above and if they aren't available I'll still get a good tech. I have had a couple of experiences here with random techs that weren't stellar but they have ALWAYS been immediately corrected. If I chip a nail, they fix at no cost, no problem! I have been to other nail salons and have always been disappointed. I have never seen anyone here "just rinse" a bowl. They always sanitize with chemicals and scrub. I've been coming here for 7 years now. I love it! Also, they ask about the tip in advance because they have to put it in their machine before the swipe, it's easier for accounting purposes and with the volume they do, the easier the better for all of us. Enjoy the relaxation and pampering at a super great price. Check out their specials on the website for coupons. They even have a stamp card for frequent patrons. Great place!!

Reviewed on Yelp

Great experience! It was my daughters' bdays and they treated them like princesses. It was my youngest's first time getting a mani pedi and she was so nervous, but the ladies were so sweet and gentle with her.

Reviewed on Yelp

The staff was friendly and very professional! My nails look great and the service was awesome!

Reviewed on Yelp

As soon as I walked in the door I felt important! They did a wonderful job on my nails and the extra pampering was amazing! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

Reviewed on Yelp

First time at this place and I had a very good experience. They have the most colors I've ever seen and been able to choose from! The people are very friendly and nice. They get you drinks if you want, I had the white wine. They have different packages to choose from, I got the sweet pedicure and it came with a long massage and a sugar scrub and hot towel. The inside is very clean and pretty. I would go back again and suggest it to anyone who wants a relaxing time!

Why We Are Special

High-end Service & Highly Qualified Staff
Warm & Welcome Atmosphere
Great Customer Service

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