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Hello! I am Rachel from Desire Look! As an international certified lash artist with four years of experience and constant brushing up of knowledge and skills, our salon provides the best of lash services to you. Eyelash extensions present a feminine, glamorous, beautiful look that requires a detailed effort of a lash artist. Besides giving you a beautiful look, they also help to form your natural lashes in place. If you are looking for a lash artist who can provide you with top quality eyelash extensions, Desire Look is your perfect option. We provide top quality eyelash extensions you can ever ask for, a relief for those who have had a bad experience with eyelash extensions or have been lashed incorrectly, damaging their natural lashes. With us, you can find a reason to fall in love with eyelash extensions again. You can make an appointment at +1 626 588-8946.

Highlighted Services

Get those voluminous eyelashes that you have always desired with our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions! Coming in diameters as small as 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 etc, these eyelashes enable more lashes to be applied, giving you a fuller and vibrant look.

The latest trend in the lash fashion today, the Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are soon being preferred by women across cities. It enables more lashes (up to 4 or 5!) to be applied onto one lash, creating stunning eyelashes for you!

These extensions are a combination of the 2D-3D Russian Volume Eyelashes and the Classic Eyelashes. This is a safe choice for those who are confused as to whether to get the Russian technique or the Classic one. You can also speak to our technicians to know more.

Enjoy the most beautiful Classic Eyelash Extensions with us! Here we will glue one lash to one lash of yours to create a more stable and charming outcome. These will look and feel natural- a perfect choice for those who wish to go simple!

Our Menu

Eyelash Extension Services Special Packages
Classic Full Set: $150
New Set & 5 Consecutive Infills (6 visits)
Expires in 19 weeks.
Special Package(10% discount)$405
10 Consecutive Infills (10 visits) 
Expires in 31 weeks
2D - 3D Russian Volume/Hybrid: $200
New Set & 5 Consecutive Infills (6 visits)
Expires in 20 weeks
Special Package (10% discount)$495
10 Consecutive Infills (10 visits)
Expires in 23 weeks
Special Package (10% discount)$630
4D - 5D Russian Volume: $230
New Set & 5 Consecutive Infills
Expires in 21 weeks
Special Package (10% discount)$567
10 Consecutive Infills
Expires in 33 weeks.
Special Package (10% discount)$720
Mega Volume: $300
New Set & 5 Consecutive Infills
Expires in 22 weeks.
Special Package (10% discount)$810
10 Consecutive Infills
Expires in 34 weeks.
Special Package (15% discount)$1080
Choose our special package and get a 10% discount.
Lash Lift
Keratin Yumi Lash Lift
Lasts up to 8 weeks or longer.
Eleebana & Other Brand
Lasts up to 8 weeks or longer.
Henna Brows$40
Touchup (2 weeks)$20
Microblading Eyebrows
Microblading Brows are semi-permanent and it requires frequent touch ups
Microblading Touch up within a year$150
Microblading Touch up within 2 years$300
 A $50 deposit required to hold an appointment.
Please have your natural eyelashes/brows, treating areas clean and free of makeup prior to your appointments. This will help keeping the service time to a minimum and ensure the best quality for the service you receive.
Bottom Eyelash Extensions (duration: 30-minutes)
No infill for Bottom Eyelash Extensions.

Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Every 30 mins extra on Infill is charged $30
Any infill on 1/3 or less of eyelash extensions left is charged the cost of a new set.
Infills over other artists' work are charged on the condition of the previous eyelash artist’s work, not menu price.

Eyelash Extension Removal$40
Lash to lash/individual extension applied on the individual natural lash.
Full Set (duration: 1 hour 45 minutes)$150
Infill (duration: 1 hour) $60
Quick Infill (within 9 days)$40
Volume/Russian Volume
2 or more extensions applied on 1 natural lash (extensions are small, fine in diameter and light in weight to create full and fluffy lashes).
2D - 3D Russian Volume New
Full Set (duration: 2 hour 15 minutes$200
Infill (duration: 1 hour) $70
Quick Infill (within 9 days) $50
4D - 5D Russian Volume
Full Set (duration: 3 hours) $230
Infill (duration: 1 hour) $80
Quick Infill (within 9 days) $60
Mega Volume
Full Set (6D & up)(duration: 4 hrs 30 minutes$300
Infill (1 hour 15 minutes)$120
Quick Infill (within 10 days) $90


Our goal is to give you your desired look that doesn’t compromise the health of your lashes. Extended use of lash extensions that are too heavy for your lash base will harm your lashes. We use our discretion and knowledge to keep them strong and healthy.
Fills should be done every 2 weeks and no later than 3 weeks. After 3 weeks you will require a new set. 
The reason for this is to keep your lashes healthy and looking beautiful. We lose up to 3-5 lashes everyday, however, they do grow back. As these lashes start to grow they will twist putting stress on the lash bed and eventually will simply fall out. The extension must be removed and replaced properly to avoid damage to the lash base and to ensure that your lashes maintain their strength and beauty.”
Please feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have regarding your lash extensions or any service you receive.

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Great people & great atmosphere! Always a beautiful Job!. Thank you.

Reviewed on Facebook

Actually this is a good experience, all good from both work and staff !! I really thank you for giving me a nice and relaxing moment here.

Reviewed on Facebook

Nice place, fast service! Has a lot of services to offer and the staff was friendly.

Reviewed on Facebook

Seriously love this place. Every time i go in they remember exactly who I am and what I want done! Everyone here is so sweet and fun and easy to talk too! I am never disappointed when I come here.

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