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Asia Nails is a great destination located at Royal Palm Beach in Florida. Our peaceful and closed setting makes sure that you can enjoy relaxing moments. Our services are given in the most caring manner, for a calming and a soothing experience. Come and experience our amazing services. We promise that you will not be let down!


Our staff is well trained, ensuring top quality of all services. We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with the products and quality we offer. We take all measures to ensure that your beauty experience with us is comfortable and nice.

These are our most popular and most trusted nail services. The staff deliver the latest fashion, which may be the most fashionable ones you have ever owned! Friendly staff, hygienic services and latest in trend are the reasons why customers are always coming back to our salon. The best products are used in our nail services give you beautiful, healthy and moisturized nails.

A curved lash adds to the beauty of every woman. Every woman loves these! We at Asia Nails offer a wide range of eyelashes extension services to meet the need of every customer. Silk yarns are tightly connected to each of the real lashes, for a comfortable fit. Our staff ensures that the roof is comfortable and does not cause discomfort to your eyes. Enjoy the lace of your choice when you come to Asia Nails.

Our nail enhancement services are different now a day. Besides adding aesthetic value to your hands, our artificial nails yet are healthy too. We have a wide variety of artificial nail services, acrylic, gel powder, pink and white & more. Our expert staff at Asia Nails brings the latest fashion trend to your hands. Schedule an appointment with us today.

A healthy and clean skin is the dream of every woman. At Asia Nails, we bring the best waxing experience. Our experienced team guarantees a safe and clean waxing experience. Best quality gels are used to make the discomfort of burning sensation after wax quickly goes away.


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Manicure & Pedicure


Gel Manicure


Gel Pedicure


Deluxe Manicure


Signature Manicure


Sierra Pedicure


Deluxe Pedicure


Signature Pedicure


Acrylic Fullset


Gel Powder Fullset


Acrylic Fill


Gel Powder Fill


Pink & White Fullset


Pink & White Fill


Sea Shell Fullset


Sea Shell Fill


Glitter Fullset


Glitter Fill


Nexgen [ Color ]


Nexgen Pink & White


Builder Gel Fullset


Builder Gell Fill


Builder Gel P&W Fullset


Builder Gel P&W Fill

Polish Change Hands$8
Polish Change Feet$10
Gel Polish Change Hands/Feet$20
French Tips$5
Shiny Buffing$3
Nail Art Designs$5
3D Nail Art Designs$7
Nails Cut Down$3
U.V Gel Coating$5
Nail Repair$3
Nail Removal$10



Upper Lip






Full Face




Haft Arms


Full Arms


Haft Legs


Full Legs












Haft Back


Full Back


Individual Cluster Fullset


Individual Cluster Refill


Strip Lashes


Mink Lash Fullset


Mink Lash Refill


* All Mink Lash Extensions are by Appointments only * 


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Reviewed on Facebook

This is the best place to go for your nails, lashes, permanent makeup, and more ! You won't be disappointed no matter who you go to! Mimi does my nails . They never break or lift and always turn out looking flawless . She has also microbladed my eyebrows and done my lashes and her precision is unmatched ! If you appreciate top quality work, this is the place to go!!

Reviewed on Facebook

Beautiful place with amazing staff! Everyone was so welcoming. I love the new changes they've made to the shop, everything's so fresh and comfy! Always had an amazing experience with my nails. I've been a nail picker & biter since I was little. I finally gave up and stopped. I now wear gel on my REAL nails and my toes! I never have a problem with them chipping, pealing, etc. They last FOREVER. They will give you the best advice with what they think is best for your nails. Thanks MiMi & Staff for everything! Xoxo

Reviewed on Facebook

The best salon, love this place and the owners they are great. If you want the best nails you can have go to Asia Nails in Royal Palm Beach at 441 and Southern Blvd. Everyone there is great can't go wrong!

Reviewed on Facebook

This place is amazing!! The staff is very friendly and the owner goes out of her way to accommodate you. I've never had an issue and my nails ALWAYS look amazing. I highly recommend Asia Nails.

Reviewed on Facebook

I love this salon and recommend everyone I know to go here!

Reviewed on Facebook

Mimi and Kevin are the best! They really make you feel part of their family, with complimentary snacks and drinks and their cute little newborn cooing, truly one of a kind service. Not only are they hospitable but the prices are affordable and reasonable and my nails are always gorgeous you feel like a star when you leave! And who would complain about that?!


Warm & Welcome Atmosphere
Competitive Prices w Wide Range of Services
Eyelash Extensions & Microblading Are Available

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