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Who doesn’t like beautifully cared for hands and feet? Just like anything else, nail care too is a form of art. At AJ Nails, we firmly believe in this to deliver the best the nail care services in the city. Located at 1524 S Broadway St Ste 4B, Minot, AJ Nails is the perfect place to get that much needed manicure and pedicure of yours! Apart from nail care, we also provide waxing services. For women who need specialised services, we have Deluxe Pedicure and Signature Pedi and Mani services. Friendly staff and experienced nail technicians of our salon promise you a great time of relaxation along with beautiful nails and skin. Customer satisfaction and high quality services are the cornerstone of our salon, as we strive to achieve new levels of perfection each day.


Beautiful skin demands effort and attention. In this fast paced world, we often tend to forget about skin care. Waxing, exfoliation and moisturising have a major role in giving you healthy and attractive skin. At AJ Nails, we offer waxing services so that you can enjoy flawless, pretty skin whenever you want. You can choose from a variety of waxes to suit your skin. Also, our technicians are highly trained in their fields that you won’t have to worry a bit. We use high quality wax and sterilised equipments so that you don’t run any chance of infection. Most importantly, we do not double dip our wax! If you too fancy perfect healthy skin, make an appointment with us now!

Be it summer, winter or autumn, a pedicure is necessary. Pedicures are the greatest way to care for your toes. At AJ Nails, we believe in the same. Our Deluxe Pedicure service is handcrafted to provide your toes with all the exfoliation, moisturization and beautification it needs. You can also try our pedicures themes such as the beach theme, bridal pedicures and seasonal designs. As for the hygiene, you can confidently trust us, for we use only sterilized products for all our services. Walk into our salon to learn more!

A spa is a house of calm and relaxation. It is a place whereyou should be able forget the hurry-burry of daily life. With spaciousinteriors and aesthetic designs, AJ Nails has the most welcoming salonatmosphere. All our technicians are friendly and warm people who will listen toyou and take care of all your needs while you are here. Be it a pedicure, manicureor waxing, you can sit back and relax while we do all the required things withcare and dedication. AJ Nails believes in giving everyone an enjoyable time atout salon. Walk into our salon to relieve all your stress and enjoy a few hoursof calm and peace.

Who doesn’t like luxury services at affordable prices? Our Signature Mani and Pedi services are handcrafted to this purpose. As the most demanded service of our salon, Signature Mani and Pedi will provide you with healthy and nourished hands and feet. All these services include exfoliation, moisturization and adding of nail polish of your choice. We use only branded professional grade products so as to get the best results. As for the safety of the procedures, you can just sit back and relax, for we use only sterilized equipments for all our services. Experienced and highly qualified nail technicians, calm salon environment and reasonable prices are some of the amazing features of this service. Go ahead, call us now and make your appointment!


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Basic Pedicure

Shapping, cut cuticle, sea salt, massage & Polish.

French Pedicure

Basic pedicure w white tip.

Deluxe Pedicure

Sea salt, mint mask & Paraffin wax. 

Hot Stone Pedicure

Sea salt, mint mask & Paraffin wax & Hot stone massage.

Pure Organic Pedicure 

Scents: Lavender blossom, citrus orange, Hawaiian orchard bloossom &  Hawaiian orchard bloossom & Green tea w acai berry.

OPI Pedicure

Scents: Papaya pineapple, lemon tonic, royal verbena, tropical citrus.   


Acrylic   $20
Powder of Color $25
Pink & White Solar  $40
Pink & White Highlight   $48+


Acrylic Full Set      $30
Color Trip Full Set        $45
Powder Color Full Set$50
Pink & White Hightligh$55+

Basic Manicure  

Shaping, cut cuticle, massage & Polish.    

French Manicure  

Basic manicure w white tip.   

Hot Wax Manicure

Basic manicure w parraffin wax.

Pure Organic Manicure

Scents: Lavender blossom, citrus orange, Hawaiian orchard blossom & Green tea w acai berry. 

OPI Manicure

Scents: Papaya pineapple, lemon tonic, royal verbena, tropical citrus.
Gel Color w Manicure   $30
Gel Color$20
Hand/Toe Polish       $10/$15
Free-Hand Nail Art  $5/$15
Take Off$10
Nail Repair     $3/$5



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Reviewed on Facebook

Here at AJ Nails the are sweet, efficient, and of course perfectly sanitary! I've come here off and on when I'm home visiting family and they always provide excellent service at an affordable price. I get a pedicure and gel manicure, so nothing crazy.

Reviewed on Facebook

AJ nails is simply the best. Salon manager is fantastic. She is very creative and very patient wanting to give you time to decide on colour and design. I would ask her advice and was never disappointed. I give her five stars and would recommend her to anyone. She is superb at giving you all her attention and making you feel special and valued.

Absolutely love my nails every time they do them in a bit of an addict and like to change my colour weekly nice salon,good prices,very professional and nice to see them doing well

Reviewed on Facebook

I have several good things to say. 
1) I called and left a message and they called back, not once but twice and were able to schedule an appointment.
2) I got a same day appointment (2 and a half hours after I called).
3) I was scheduled to see the owner
4) The owner is amazing. I felt comfortable with her and for the first time in a year of my short hair adventure, I felt like I found someone who knew what they were doing.
5) The salon is super nice. You can tell they really care about the place. 
6) Pricing was surprisingly reasonable.


Warm & Welcome Atmosphere
Competitive Prices w Wide Range of Services
Signature Pedi and Mani Are Available

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