This policy applies to all the customers who use the company’s design and digital services. VNailPro is committed to providing correct services as required by the customers, and this policy will serve as a basis for resolving problems.

For Design & Print (DP) Services and Products

The files with the content and the design will be sent for you to browse before printing. Please check the content and design carefully to make the final editing decision.

Once the final design is made, you can modify the design once. If you wish more edits, an additional fee of $50 will be charged. 

We will not be responsible for any errors in the content in products where the customer makes the final edits. 

Products that are defective or damaged during shipping, or delivered wrongly, will be exchanged for new goods provided the company receive the shipping back.

In case the customer changes the decision not to use the product that has been shipped, the return will not be accepted.

Customers need to return products including all accessories included (if any), and the product must be in the same condition as was when receiving the goods. Please take a picture of the product as soon as it is received for proof.

Cost of Returning Products

If the customer has to return any goods delivered on account of a wrongly shipped product or damages during shipping, the company will reship it for free the next time.

For defective products due to the errors that arise from the company, the company will be responsible for content editing, design, printing, and reshipping the next time.

If the product gets defective due to the customer’s fault, the company will support content editing and design. Fees for printing and shipping will be charged from the customer in this case.

For Digital Marketing (DM) Services and Products

Customers need to provide complete and accurate personal information and store information according to the guidance of the company’s Support Department. We will use that information to design the services, customer care, and protect the legal rights of customers for products and services provided by the company.

DM services will be backed by a lifetime warranty at the company for errors arising from interface design, code, and database. In the course of using the service, if the customer encounters difficulties and errors, please contact the company’s Support Department for assistance.

Once the DM services are completed, they will be transferred to customers for approval. Please check the content and design carefully to make the final decision. After 30 days following the handover of the DM service, we will optimize the DM services once for the customer.

Company website domains purchased for customers are the property of the customer, and the company commits to returning it whenever requested by the customer.

For any comments or more information, you can reach out through the following phone number: (856) 656 4646 (from 8 am to 8 pm New York Time)